Owen Brown Family Chart

Family Chart for Owen Brown

Owen Brown, son of John Brown. West Virginia Archives

Owen Brown, the 3rd child of John and Dianthe Brown, was born in Hudson, Ohio, on November 4, 1824.  Owen never married.

Owen moved to Kansas and fought to get Kansas statehood as a slave free state beside his brothers and father. He alone of Dianthe’s children participated in the Harpers Ferry Raid of 1859. He was not in the first party that entered the town, he was one of those in reserve awaiting the second stage of the plan. Upon hearing of the death of his brothers, Oliver and Watson, and the capture of Capt. John Brown and his men, Owen escaped to Ohio with help from Underground Railroad and abolitionist friends. He spent years in hiding with a price on his head. When the Civil War broke out, he was no longer pursued.

He spent many years in the Lake Erie area of Ohio, living as a solitary caretaker on Gibraltar Island in the bay of South Bass Island. He valued his solitude, but still visited his brother in Put-In-Bay and assisted with the harvests.

In the mid 1880s Owen and his brother Jason, moved to Pasadena California and purchased a homestead on a mountain five or six miles north of La Cacitas. Both men were happiest living a frugal and solitary life in a one room cabin, rather than in the city.

Owen died January 8, 1889 from pneumonia, he was 64 years old.  It is estimated that 2000 people attended the funeral.

Owen’s rest has not been peaceful; disputes over land rights, access to his grave, and the removal of his gravestone have all interfered over the years. Please see my post on his headstone here.  I look forward to the headstone being reinstalled on his grave soon.

Owen Brown Family Chart

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