Update on Gravestone of Four Brown Children

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Inscription on the Gravestone of Four Brown Children

I originally wrote about the fateful September in 1843 when four of the Brown Children, ranging in age from 11 months to 9 years, all died in a two week period here in 2012.

The gravestone, shown at left, has the names, death date and ages of the four children that died during that very trying time. I could see there were more words at the bottom, but I could not find a transcription until this weekend.

I was taking notes regarding Mary Brown, and as I was reading through every document I have in my John Brown file, I found a couple of similar translations .

In an article published on May 8, 1949, in the Cleveland Plain Dealer Pictorial Magazine, I found a two page spread entitled “Ohio Scenes and Citizens – The Two Wives of John Brown, and the Brown Families Wanderings About Ohio.”

The article describes where John and Dianthe, and later where John and Mary lived in the Akron, Ohio area. It also contained a paragraph about the death of the four children in 1843 including a transcription of the verse carved into the bottom of the headstone.

I have compared this with the one listed on wvculture.org. While very close, I find the words at wvculture.org much more in the style of John Brown, who is purported to have written the inscription. He did this on other gravestones and has distinctive style.

I am going to go with the wvculture.org transcription until research proves me wrong.

Transcription of the Gravestone


One more mystery solved and noted in my master Genealogy File.


Click on a link below to visit the Find A Grave site for each child. I am drafting my request to have the information in these memorials updated to reflect the poem on the gravestone.

Austin Brown Find A Grave Memorial# 158430413

Charles Brown Find A Grave Memorial# 158430396

Peter Brown Find A Grave Memorial# 158429505

Sarah Brown Find A Grave Memorial# 158429531

4 thoughts on “Update on Gravestone of Four Brown Children

    • amecoy75002@yahoo.com says:

      Thank you Jean. I had fun tracking it down. The version in the newspaper (1949) had a slightly different fist line, but this one reads more like JB and feels right.

  1. It’s interesting that you found an article about the family in “The Cleveland Plain Dealer Pictorial Magazine.” That must have been exciting. How sad to have lost four children in such a short time. The poem, while sad, is also encouraging and speaks of great faith.

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