Jason Brown Family chart

Family Chart for Jason Brown

Jason Brown, the 2nd child of John and Dianthe Brown, was born in Hudson, Ohio, on January 19, 1823.  He married Ellen Sherbondy on July 11, 1847 in Hudson, Ohio.

Jason, Ellen and three and a half year old son Austin left Ohio to help make Kansas a slave free state. Unfortunately, on the trip west Austin died from cholera on April 30, 1855. It broke his parents hearts to bury him in Waverly, Missouri so far from family and friends. When John Brown answered his sons call to bring arms and assistance to the fighting in Kansas, Brown stopped in Waverly to exhume Austin so his family could bury him in Kansas, which they had hoped would be their home for a long time. Austin was reburied on Lawrence, Kansas on Oct 6, 1855.

Jason fought with his father and brothers in the “Bleeding Kansas” battles, but did not participate in the Harper Ferry Raid in 1859.

In 1891 Jason traveled around the East with Rev J.H. Hector, known as the “Black Knight,” speaking to Temperance Party gatherings and drawing record audiences. Please see my previous post regarding this partnership.

In the 1880s Jason traveled to Southern California and spent a few years with his brother, Owen, living on Brown’s Mountain just outside of Pasadena, where his sister Ruth and her family lived.

After Owen’s death in 1899, Jason returned to Ohio. Jason’s beloved wife,  Ellen,  passed away in Akron, Ohio on August 15, 1895. After her death, Jason moved in with his son, Charles. Jason died on December 24, 1912 in Portage Township, Ohio and is buried in Lot 10, Section 7 of the Glendale Cemetery in Akron, Ohio, next to his loving wife Ellen.

Jason Brown Family Chart