Vermont to Honor John Brown October 16

John Brown by Peter Gullerud
Series Name: Imperfect Heroes – John Brown. Oils on board by Peter Gullerud. From Alice Keesey Mecoy private collection


Vermont to honor John Brown, as the first state to have a day set aside to honor the abolishtionist.  Local teacher Bradley Archer petitioned the state legislators to set aside October 16 (the date of John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry) as John Brown Day. Archer said “It’s important to recognize that we’re the only state to celebrate John Brown.”

Vermont Senators Dick McCormack and Alison Clarkson sponsored the resolution initiated by Archer. The Woodstock Social Justice Initiative, a non profit associate, is planning to host a conference leading up to October 16th, and Archer is working with colleagues to create a curriculum about John Brown.

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2 thoughts on “Vermont to Honor John Brown October 16

  1. John Yarbrough says:

    The illustration seems to show Brown at execution. Hadn’t he grown a beard by that time?
    “Santa Fe Trail” described in an accompanying link was apparently a horrific mashup. Despite the screenwriter’s claim, someone slept through paets if History class. “I don’t give a damn about the facts….”

    • says:

      John, The painting I used in the blog post is a portrait of John Brown, not a representation of him at a certain time in his life. And yes, Santa Fe Trail was horrific, so much so that Brown’s descendant sued over the presentation of his character. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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