5 Generations of John Brown’s Family

5 Generations of John Brown's Family
5 Generations of John Brown’s Family, circa 1914 Held in the Alice Keesey Mecoy Private Collection


A treasure from my collection

I was gifted this collage of 5 generations of John Brown’s  Family by my good friend and John Brown Historian, Jean Libby.  It measures about 8 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ and has yellowed with age. At the end of the post are pictures of both the front and back of this wonderful family treasure.

The front of the card has the photos laid out like 5 pips on a dice face, and the back has descriptions of each photo written by Salmon Brown in 1914.

Middle picture, Owen Brown, Son of Capt John Brown, a Revolutionary soldier, and father of Capt. John Brown of Osawattomie fame.

Left-hand corner at the top, John Brown of Osawattomie and Harper’s Ferry.

Right-hand corner at the top, Salmon Brown, son of John Brown. Age now,  77 years.

Lower right-hand corner, John Brown, son of Salmon Brown.

Lower left-hand corner, John Brown, Jr., son of young John Brown, son of Salmon Brown. He is now 20 years old.

Here are five generations, counting in my grandfather. It is just 5-generations counting in my grandfather back to Peter Brow of the Mayflower. My grandfather was born in 1771, just 151 years after the landing of the Mayflower.

Please send this back as it belongs to my children (NOTE this is scratched off and beside it is written “You can keep this. S.B”)

Salmon Brown

2024 East Couch Street

Portland, Oregon


I cherish this wonderful treasure.  Not only  to have pictures of the family, but to also  have Salmon’s descriptions on the back makes it so much more magical and important.

The genealogical numbering of these men is as follows: Owen Brown {B18}, John Brown {B184}, Salmon Brown {B184X}, John Brown {B184X6}, John Brown Jr {B184X61}

What family photograph treasures do you have in your collection? Let me know in the comments below.

The full piece

5 Generations of John Brown's Family inscription
Salmon’s inscriptions on back of 5 Generations of John Brown’s Body
5 Generations of John Brown's Family
5 Generations of John Brown’s Family


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