A beautiful Thank You Note from creators of a John Brown Documentary

A little over a year ago, I was interviewed by a couple of young ladies in New Jersey who were creating a documentary about John Brown for the National History Day Competition. 

The young ladies reached out to many of my friends and amazing colleagues: Evan Carton, Tony Horowitz, Anne Kretsinger-Harries, Dennis Frye, Louis DeCaro, and Jean Libby. We all assisted these young ladies in their travels through the study of John Brown.

Their entry advanced all the way to Nationals in Washington DC.   While they did not win the National History Day Competition, they did win a Civil War Award and the video placed in the top two documentaries in the State of New Jersey.

Based on the thank you note, they had an amazing time during the preparation of the documentary.

From the Thank You note: “The entire experience of National History Day has been incredible. John Brown today is an inspirational character and my interest in Brown has not ceased with the end of this project……it keeps marching on.”

Here is the video for your enjoyment