Wordless Wednesday

A page from Annie Brown’s Fort Edward Institute Signature Book 1863

Miss Brown
“Please accept the best wishes of your “northern friend”
George J Whipple
Malone, NY
F.E.I May 7, 1863

George J Whipple was born May 1844 in Malone, Franklin County, New York. His parents were Herry and Sarah Whipple. He appears to have spent his entire life in Malone, Franklin, New York. The 1880 census shows George married to Mary A (Thompson). In 1883 George was a Deacon at the First Congregational Church of Maolne.
The 1880 census shows that George was a furniture dealer. I found these ads in the Malone Directory 1889-1890.

The 1900 Census shows George as a Librarian, the 1910 census shows him to be a Clerk for the Board of Education, while the 1920 census shows him to be a Clerk for the Board of Education as well as a Librarian.
I have not been able to locate any further information on George after the 1920 census.

As I find out more about the 50 or so other autograph signers, I will post more of these items.


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