Update on Salmon and Abigail Descendants

A reader asked for some clarification on who Abigail was and if I had the family relationships.  I have even better! I now have some pictures.  Thanks to cousin Holly, I have some new pictures. 

John Brown and his second wife, Mary Day Brown, had 13 children. Salmon was their second son.

Salmon Brown (1836 – 1919) married Abigail Clarissa Hinckley (1839 – 1929) in 1857. They had 10 children. Agnes was the ninth child.

Agnes Stuart Brown (1874 – 1967) married George Edwards Evans around 1909. They had 2 children. Muriel was the eldest.

Muriel Evans (1910- 1997) married  Morton Kingman Shields in 1933. They had 2 children. Nancy Joan Shields was the youngest.

Nancy Joan Shields (1935 – 1996) married Ben Hamilton in 1963.

The rest of the line is still living, so I will stop the lineage here. Enjoy the Pictures!!!!

Salmon Brown
Abigail Clarissa Hinckley Brown

Agnes Stuart Brown Shields
Nancy Joan Shields Hamilton