Request for short strong statements against Slavery from strong women


Dear Friend of John Brown,
As the great great great granddaughter of John Brown, the abolitionist of Harpers Ferry fame, I continue to fight his fight eradicating slavery in not only America, but throughout the world.
I am proud to serve on the Advisory Board of the  Frederick Douglass Family Foundation, which is fighting to end the incidence of human trafficking and modern day slavery around the world. As you probably know, this is a crime that disproportionately affects women and girls. In an attempt to unite the voices of women of influence, we are gathering statements from around the world to publish collectively on December 2nd – the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. I’m writing to request one such statement from you. 
A description of our effort can be found on this link to a Huffington Post:

If you are willing to write a statement for publication, please forward it to me by September 30, 2011. Thank you in advance for adding your voice to the chorus of strong women fighting against slavery.

Warm regards,

Alice Mecoy
Great great great granddaughter of John Brown
PS here is the website of the Frederick Douglas Family Foundation if you would like to see more of our great work.

Alice Keesey Mecoy
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Great-Great-Great Grand Daughter of John Brown, Abolitionist
Alice Keesey Mecoy
 Daughter of Paul Keesey
  Son of Beatrice Cook
   Daughter of Bertha Adams
    Daughter of Annie Brown
     Daughter of John Brown, Abolitionist